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Company Name: Goolight Co., Ltd.
Date Established: Silky Building 2F, 1295-1, Kitayokomachi, Suzaka-shi, Nagano, 382-0077 Japan
Head Office: Goolight first launched its cable television service in 1989. Today, the company offers a wide range of services including cable television broadcasting, internet and land-line telephone provision, and a city promotion business to the surrounding areas of Suzaka City, Obuse Town, and Takayama Village.
In July 2017, our commercial series “All Schools’ Events on Cable TV” received the Best Promotion Grand Prize at Cable Convention 2017 in Japan. The company also won second prize for its Takayama Village Promotion Project for Taiwan.
By using information and communications technology, the company is trying to become a community development company. By providing community-centered content both domestically and internationally, Goolight aims to connect communities around the world.

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