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Come and network with the 60+ Japanese exhibitors at Hong Kong Filmart and discover their latest dramas, anime, lifestyle shows, documentaries and movies.

Enjoy our special focus on regional programs.
Trailers from attending regional channels and producers will introduce hidden treasures of Japan with a unique local flavor which strongly appeals to viewers across Asia.
Over 30 million tourists visit Japan every year and are increasingly looking for a real immersion not just in onsens, but also in local culture and lifestyle.
Treat them with authentic Japanese content!

We look forward to seeing you in Hong Kong.

Date & Time

Tuesday 19th March 2019, 12:00 ~ 13:30
Reception 11:50 ~


Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
Meeting Room S224+S225

Buffet lunch hosted by MIC and BEAJ

Broadcasters Participating in the session

Hokkaido Broadcasting Co., Ltd / The Sapporo Television Broadcasting Co., Ltd. / HTB Hokkaido Television Broadcasting / Hokkaido Cultural Broadcasting Co., Ltd. / Television Hokkaido Broadcasting Co. LTD. / TELEVISION IWATE CORP. / WOWOW INC. / TELEVISION NIIGATA NETWORK CO.,LTD. / UX Niigata Television Network21, Inc. / Shizuoka Asahi Television / CBC TELEVISION CO., LTD / Tokai Television Broadcasting Co., Ltd. / Nagoya Broadcasting Network Co., Ltd. / CHUKYO TV / Mainichi Broadcasting System / Kansai Television Co. Ltd. / Television Osaka, Inc. / NIHONKAI TELECASTING CO., LTD. / Okayama Broadcasting Co., Ltd. / Hiroshima Television Corporation / RKB Mainichi Broadcasting Corp. / Kyushu Asahi Broadcasting Co., Ltd. / Fukuoka Broadcasting System corporation / Kumamoto Kenmin Televisions Co., Ltd. / Oita Asahi Broadcasting Co., Ltd / Kagoshima Yomiuri Television / World Hi-Vision Channel, Inc / SKY PerfecTV! / BS TV TOKYO Corporation / Japan Digital Serve Corporation (Cable4K) / Asia&Nippon TV Communications Co.,Ltd. / JAPAN CABLE & TELECOMMUNICATIONS ASSOCIATION /