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Confidence Man JP
コンフィデンスマン JP

Confidence Man JP
©2018 Fuji Television Network, Inc.
An exhilarating and entertaining comedy about a bizarre plan to steal a large sum of money from people consumed by desire.

The main character, Dahko (Masami Nagasawa), is a confidence woman whose age and real identity are unknown. She is a woman prone to making silly mistakes and with a soft spot for money, fashion and food. She resides in the suite of a luxury hotel in Tokyo, where she spends her days and nights crafting elaborate frauds. Her partners in crime are serious and dedicated young confidence man Bokuchan (Masahiro Higashide) and battle-hardened veteran confidence man Richard (Fumiyo Kohinata). The team of three resorts to any means necessary to steal money from money-mad unscrupulous company bosses and Mafia dons. Watching them cheating and be cheated, sometimes even deceived by their friends, and wonder what tricks they will use next in order to take money from their targets.. And so, an unpredictable game of deception begins.

Masami Nagasawa (長澤まさみ)
Masahiro Higashide (東出昌大)
Fumiyo Kohinata (小日向文世)
Production Year
54 min.
10 episodes
Movie Quality
International sales company
Fuji Television Network, Inc.

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