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Matsuri of Japan "Our Hearts are One. -Golden Floats Dance in the Autumn Sky."

日本の祭り「こころ一つ ~秋空に舞う黄金色~」

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Movie | Copyright©︎ Sanyo Broadcasting Co., Ltd.

Copyright©︎ Sanyo Broadcasting Co., Ltd.

SanukiToyoha-ma Chosa Matsuri is held in Kanonji, a city in Kagawa Prefecture facing the Seto Inland Sea. Chosa are floats which carry large drums and performers. The matsuri is held to pray for bumper crop harvests, safety at sea, and large fish hauls. It is held for three days, and ends on the second Sunday of October. The highlight of the matsuri is the sight of about 20 floats decorated with extravagant gold thread embroidery, which are carried grandly by bearers wearing elegant and stylish happi coats.