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Rappers of Saitama Drama
琦玉饒舌歌手 電視劇版

Rappers of Saitama Drama 琦玉饒舌歌手 電視劇版|TV TOKYO
©"Rappers of Saitama drama" production committee
Mega-Hit Hip-Hop Movie “Rappers of Saitama” comes back as Drama

In 2009 March, when film “Rappers of Saitama” was first released the theaters were packed everyday, attracting so much audience. The 2nd and 3rd film won numerous awards, it was a sensation for Japanese film lovers. Fans have waited so long for the return of this beloved rappers, however this time they will give a blast on TV!
Three members of Hip-Hop Group “SHO-GUNG” ,IKKU TOM and MIGHTY, grew up in Saitama (A suburban area of Japan). They wished to gain popularity, however in reality, already10 years had past since they formed a group.
On that occasion, “SHO-GUNG” receives an offer from a club event. IKKU and TOM decides to bring back MIGHTY who lives away. However they are involved in bad incidents, which lead them to strive around Tohoku (Nothern part of Japan) region with the truck driver. Can they get MIGHTY back before the day of the event. The drama depicts the soul of “SHO-GUNG” who bets on this last chance.


位於北關東正中埼玉縣的某個鄉間小鎮,那裏沒有唱片公司也沒有LIVE HOUSE。HIPHOP樂團“SHO-GUNG”的成員們一直夢想著有朝一日能開演唱會。 然而現實遠非夢想那麽美好。IKKU沒有正式工作被家裏人當成是吃白飯的,好朋友TOM忙著在波霸酒館打工,學弟MIGHTY家裏是種捲心菜的,老想著能有個好收成。即使如此,這群年輕人依然充滿熱情地創作自己的音樂,在當地前輩音樂人的幫助下,他們準備開演唱會...

Production Year
30 min × 12 eps
International sales company
TV TOKYO Corporation
Rights:TV, VOD, Inflight
Target viewers:Young men/female
Format:Full HD / 4K
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