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Tada`s DO-IT-ALL house

Tada`s DO-IT-ALL house 真幌站前番外地 まほろ駅前番外地|TV TOKYO
©Tada`s DO-IT-ALL house Production Committee
“Tada`s DO-IT-ALL house” (The Naoki (literary) award winning, bestselling novel) was made into film in 2011 Spring, attracting people all over Japan. Now the beloved buddies Tada and Gyoten return as a TV drama!

Tada, a strict and diligent divorcee, runs a utility house situated in Mahoro(A suburban city in Tokyo). Gyoten, a former classmate of Tada, is a completely elusive figure, always laughing around foolishly, wearing a strange long coat and a sandal (and also a divorcee as well). Against Tada’s will, Gyoten rolls into Tada’s house and the two of them starts to work as a utility men together, solving the most funniest and trivial problems happening in Mahoro….

The drama “Tada’s DO-IT-ALL house extra” is the sequel story of Tada and Gyoten, still stuck at the suburb of Tokyo helping awkward and somewhat funny problems their clients are bothered by. Drama “Tada`s DO-IT-ALL house extra” features stranger and funnier problems people take in, and the somewhat heartwarming human relationship.


Eita (瑛太)
Ryuhei Matsuda (松田龍平)
Hitoshi One (大根仁)
Scenario Writer
Hitoshi One (大根仁)
Hikaru Kurozumi (黒住光)
Kenji Yashiki (ヤシキケンジ)
Noboru Morita (森田昇)
Tomoo Doi (土井智生)
Production Year
Movie Quality
International sales company
TV TOKYO Corporation
Rights: TV/In-Flight
Target viewers: Young Male/Female
Production Year: 2013
Format: Full HD
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