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Cast Name: Akane Hotta (堀田茜)
3 Program(s)
  • Detective
  • Entertainment
  • Mystery
  • Suspense


A mystery figure dubbed “Invisible” conspires with criminals as an underworld “crime coordinator.”
Once thought of as just an urban legend, Invisible hijacks the airwaves and warns of a bombing.
Nobody imagined it would be a woman by the name “Kiriko.”
“I’ll give you my information,” she says,...

  • Action
  • Suspense


An underground group of special investigators, Avalanche tracks down criminals who conspire with government officials to break the law. After collecting evidence using tactics that border on the illegal, Avalanche kidnaps wrongdoers and forces them to confess in a court of their own making: social m...

  • Nature
  • Travel

Generation gap Tour in Okinawa (Temporary titled)

What will happen if you leave your travel to other’s hand?
Each has his own preference in Travel plan and it reflects your thought, perspective and even view of life. So, following other’s travel plan can give you a new way to enjoy trip that you have never come up with!
There are four people of d...