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Cast Name: Alice Hirose (広瀬アリス)
7 Program(s)
  • Comedy
  • Drama (Series)
  • Food/Cooking
  • For Women
  • Romance

Heartbreak on a Plate

Sometime, the only thing that helps people get over a breakup is the taste of their favorite dish...
Set in real restaurants in Tokyo, the taste of the food gently embraces the women’s souls and kindly heals their broken hearts.
The main character, Miki (Alice Hirose), is a manga artist. She publi...

  • Comedy
  • Family
  • Human

Radiation House Ⅱ

The hit series starring Masataka Kubota makes a return for the second season!
Iori Igarashi is a medical radiographer, who is also known as a "hero behind the scences," uses unconventional methods and breaks the mold of academia to find the cause of illnesses and diagnose "invisible diseases" with ...


Seven Secretaries

8x54’ 7 ladies working as secretary for the dignitaries, who are the top of bank, Metropolitan
Government and National Police Agency, are trying to help the weak in the society by
moving the dignitaries stealthily. They have a lot of confidential information and
network, so they work in the shado...

  • Medical/Health


The brain is god’s territory, and only geniuses with god’s hands reach out to touch it. Elite surgeons make countless sacrifices to acquire the best skills in their field and obtain the most coveted title given only to the finest: Top Knife.

Even though renowned brain surgeon Yoko Miyama is tre...

  • Romance

Ms. Justice

Work or romance, it's always an uphill battle. Yet nothing gets this neophyte prosecutor down. This zany workplace drama is sure to perk you up!

Main character Ririko Takemura just entered her second year of work at the Yokohama Public Prosecutors Office. The eldest daughter of a tofu shop owne...


Office of the Dead

Zombies appear in TOKYO.
A comedy drama featuring the Zombie Police

Shinsuke Akaba is living a pretty steady and boring life, catching zombies everyday.
…Wait! Zombies!?!?
Yes, Shinsuke is living in a world invaded by Zombies.
Although he seems like a normal government servant, he is ac...

  • Comedy
  • Detective

The Detective is Way Ahead Season 2

A love story filled with comedy and solving mysteries?!
Season 2 of The Detective is Way Ahead is jam-packed with all of that!
This comedy-mystery is so exhilarating that you won't be able to take your eyes off the action even for a second!

No one dies, and no accidents!
Picking up on the sl...