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Cast Name: Anna Yamada ( 山田杏奈 )
2 Program(s)
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New Nobunaga Chronicle: High School is a Battlefield

A history buff mad scientist cloned warlords of Japanese civil war period out of his curiosity and released them to the world.

And 15 years later... The cloned warlords grew up as highschoolers gathered in Ginnan High School. To be the ruler of the school, they were expected to be fighting each o...

  • Drama (Series)
  • Entertainment
  • Romance
  • School

O Maidens in Your Savage Season

"Best Manga/Anime of 2019"
— Thrillist, The Verge, Geek Girl Authority, Anime UK & more!
From the writer of the hit Netflix film A Whisker Away, anohana, and Maquia
As a teen, how do you start thinking about sex? This debut manga from anime legend Mari Okada follows five girls and their five movi...