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Cast Name: Atsuko Maeda (前田敦子)
4 Program(s)
  • Family
  • Human
  • On-off drama

I am what I am

Since Kasumi became old enough to understand things, she didn’t know what love was and she doesn’t have any feelings of romance or attraction. Although she has worries about herself, she has lived at her own pace until she turned 30 years old.
She studied at a music university and she wanted to be ...


Caution, Hazardous Wife: The Movie

The mighty wife returns!

Haruka Ayase plays a newlywed wife who hides her past as a secret agent and beats up one bad guy after another like an action star. The identity of her husband (an agent of the Public Security Bureau) played by Hidetoshi Nishijima is gradually disclosed th...

  • Human

Almost a Miracle

A new type of main character, who is both extremely ordinary and universally lovable.

Machida is unlike any protagonist you've seen before. He's dull, he wears glasses, and he has no distinguishing features.
His only talent is his ability to love everyone, unconditionally. However, as he gets to...

  • Human

Good-Good: My Cat, My Love

Dramatization of the autobiographical comic/essay by Yumiko Oshima, shining star in the girls’ comic world.