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Cast Name: Fuju Kamio (神尾楓珠)
5 Program(s)
  • Action
  • Drama (Series)
  • Family
  • Human
  • Martial arts


Tsuyoshi “Nanba,” the second son of a hardcore family of delinquents, enrolls at an ordinary high school secretly from his parents, simply because he wants to “stop being a delinquent” and just be a “normal student.”
He begins a double life. As a hardcore delinquent who wears a gangster trench coat...

  • Comedy
  • Human

Mr. Good-looking

An unpredictable school drama about an unreliable teacher known for his “perfect face, but no substance” who somehow saves struggling students.

Education suffers a sense of stagnation in recent times, and substitute teacher Endo arrives at Kikurei High School, which has many problems of its own. ...

  • Human
  • Romance

The Van Gogh Downstairs

Miyako is a beautiful salesperson on the fast track at a major cosmetics company earning more than 100 grand a year. But when she begins to question her life, she drops everything to pursue a past dream to become a painter. At a cram school for getting into an art institute, she meets a cute yet you...

  • Art
  • Human

Eren the Southpaw

Koichi Asakura struggles with the limitations of his own talent but still hangs on to the dream of one day becoming a “somebody.” Meanwhile, Eren Yamagishi is a tremendously gifted artist who must deal with the pain and loneliness that comes from being a genius. These two have a fateful encounter in...

  • Comedy
  • Entertainment

Prison Princesses

Attempted murder, fraud and embezzlement, illicit drugs, tax evasion and even murder? Five women convinced of various crimes and a crime-loathing female warden put aside their differences to hatch a grand plot of revenge against a handsome but crooked company CEO. But the revenge plan keeps hitting ...