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Cast Name: Fuku Suzuki (鈴木福)
3 Program(s)
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The Last Train Bound For Nagoya ~Mikawa line~

The latest stories take place in three cities of Aichi prefecture ―Kariya, Chiryu and Takahama.
The first night is a story of Takahama.
This story tells about a high-school-boy, Shin Mizoguchi humorously.
He has moved to Takahama city from Tokyo beause of his father's work, and wants to...

  • Comedy


There are so many "secrets and lies" circling around the earth today. A woman is petrified by her grandfather's advice to have many secrets and keep them like a treasure. A man relies on the fact that he has no destination, and heads south on a bike. Meanwhile, a boy is in trouble because his friend...

  • Comedy
  • Human

The Last Train Bound for Nagoya 2019

This is the 7th year for award-winning omnibus drama of people who encounter each other in the last train bound for Nagoya!
We are continuously focusing on regular members from last series, and also have brand new stories starting this year.

Kazumi started her career as a freelance writer for ma...