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Cast Name: Gaku Hamada (濱田岳)
6 Program(s)
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  • School

New Nobunaga Chronicle: High School is a Battlefield

A history buff mad scientist cloned warlords of Japanese civil war period out of his curiosity and released them to the world.

And 15 years later... The cloned warlords grew up as highschoolers gathered in Ginnan High School. To be the ruler of the school, they were expected to be fighting each o...

  • Entertainment
  • Family
  • Human

My Family

Haruto is a young businessman whose game company struck it rich, giving him a fancy suburban home, a beautiful wife, Michiru, and a grade school daughter. But when the daughter is taken in a serial kidnapping, Haruto reassesses his priorities. Confronted with a series of challenges and revelations a...

  • Action
  • Adventure
  • Human
  • Martial arts
  • SF
  • School

Girl Gun Lady

Koharu is a quiet high school student who can’t find her place in this world.
One day, she buys a plastic model gun and a figure called “Alice” from a mysterious model shop. When she puts them together, she is sucked into a parallel world.
In this parallel world, an empty school has become a battl...

  • Factual
  • For Women
  • Human
  • Medical/Health
  • Sitcom
  • Tearjerker

The Hikita’s Are Expecting!

This is a story about a married couple, ”Mr. & Mrs. Hikita” who have been having difficulty with fertility treatments for several years.
The couple had enjoyed their life like an adventure, so they have never thought about having a baby (like an ordinary life). One day, the young wife just said, ...

  • Mystery
  • Science
  • Suspense

In Hand

A mysterious disease that infects surrounding organisms, nefarious genetic manipulation, an unknown pathogen from overseas. With technology advancing at such a breakneck pace, unanticipated and incomprehensible accidents are bound to occur.
Arriving to confront the many new challenges of modern sci...


Virtual Detective Tabito Higurashi

Sense of sound, sense of smell, sense of taste, sense of touch… Tabito Higurashi has lost all four of these senses. What he has left is a heightened sense of sight. Follow Tabito as he uses the only sense he has to find people, things, and love in this human mystery that is sure to give you an exper...