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Cast Name: Haru (波瑠)
9 Program(s)
  • Romance

Turn to me Mukai-kun

When it comes to vibes, personality and career, handsome 33-year-old Mukai-kun is a 10.
But a decade flew by without any romance in his life. Bent on finding love again, he encounters fabulous women… and his unforgettable ex from 10 years ago.

Is Mukai-kun simply not on the same wavelength as th...

  • Human
  • Romance

Mr. Bride

Honoka Hayami is an office worker in the sales department of a major consumer electronics manufacturer. Not only has she achieved the number one sales performance for five consecutive terms, but she’s an awardee for the Employee Award for outstanding achievement. She is an ace worker, and her collea...


14 years after graduating from junior high school, a class reunion is held.
However, this is the beginning of a tragedy.
6 ex-classmates who attended the reunion die one by one.
Each of them has shocking darkness, and they are all a big liar to hide their dark side.
And their true nature will be...

  • Comedy
  • Romance


Mimi Ohzakura’s romance has only just begun.
Driven by her motto "Live healthy, employees," occupational physician Mimi Ohzakura keeps busy every day making sure everyone is well. Occupational physicians provide healthcare to laborers in companies. If an employer regularly has over 1,000 workers, a...

  • Human


This film is based on a Shino Sakuragi’s master novel “Hotel Royal” which won the 149th Naoki Novel Prize.
Masayo is the only daughter of a family who owns Hotel Royal, a love hotel in Hokkaido, overlooking the Kushiro Marshland. Failing her entrance exam for art school, she reluctantly starts to ...

  • Human
  • Music
  • Romance

You, Me and Bach

Yaeko Kogure’s marriage engagement is broken off by her fiancé just as she resigns from her job amid congratulations. Standing stunned in a shopping mall, she hears Bach’s “Air on the G String” playing nearby, and it moves her to overcome her setback by taking up the violin. She joins a class with a...

  • Comedy
  • Romance


“If I don't get married in half a year, I’ll get fired?!”

Sayaka Kuroki, 29 years of age, works for a publishing company. On the joyous night of her resignation day, just three months before her marriage, she finds out that her fiancé had been cheating on her. To add insult to injury, he lashes o...

  • Comedy

The Kitazawas -We Mind Our Own Business-

Three elite siblings—a doctor (eldest son), a lawyer (only daughter), and a cop (youngest son)—go all out to solve a “problem” that’s destroying their family’s peace.
You can be sure this family will solve any problem. They conduct strategy meetings during their family meetings, and "the family's h...

  • Detective
  • Mystery

Women Document Detectives

A mystery drama featuring two female detectives tagged together to solve a cold case.

Tomo Yashiro, a Judo expert is a young macho female detective who tackles cold cases with her abundant righteousness, passion, and strong instincts. She is ready to go anywhere any time without much forethought ...