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Cast Name: Hayato Sano ( 佐野勇斗 )
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TOKYO MER: Mobile Emergency Room - THE MOVIE

The 70th floor of a Yokohama skyscraper is ablaze with 193 lives trapped inside. MER rolls into action determined to save everyone.

Winning “Best Asian Drama for a Regional/Int’l Market at ContentAsia Awards 2022” and “Best Actor for 4th Asia Contents Awards”, TV series “TOKYO MER: Mobile Emerge...

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The protagonist Hiroshi Kokusho was an ace rugby player in his high school days attracting national attention, but his forceful play led to an injury. Condemned by his teammates and becoming isolated, he retires. After graduation, he lives on his own but fails to get a regular job, living a dizzying...


TOKYO MER: Mobile Emergency Room

Kota Kitami, a brilliant young ER doctor, has been handpicked by Mayor Azusa Akatsuka to head a new emergency response team dubbed TOKYO Mobile Emergency Room, or MER, outfitted with leading-edge medical technology and a large mobile operating theatre to respond to major accidents, natural disasters...

  • School

Dragon Sakura S2

Our favorite gung-ho teacher is back! A few years ago, a group of struggling students at a low-ranked high school made it into Japan’s top college, Tokyo University – thanks to Kenji Sakuragi, a down-on-his-luck lawyer-turned-teacher. But soon afterward, he left the school and disappeared. Now anoth...

  • Sports

FAKE MOTION-The Only Wish-

The Table Tennis Warring States Period

The high school totem pole is not determined by grades or how many guys one can beat up. It is all about winning in table tennis, and the fierce battle for hegemony between the high school students resembles the fights for territories during Japan's Warring ...

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Danger-Less Detectives

Solve a brutal crime… Never! And avoid risk at all costs. Why? Because it's not worth the time and effort.
Introducing a detective drama for the new Reiwa era featuring two hot detectives who are the most passive you'll ever see in a detective series. They never solve any crimes, yet they're super ...

  • Romance


The Beauty falls in love with Otaku Boy!?

Two teens who live in completely different worlds - a pretty girl who "has a life" and an anime-loving otaku with no romantic experience - fall in love. What will happen to their sincere, true love?

Iroha Igarashi, the pretties...