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Cast Name: Hidekazu Mashima (眞島秀和)
4 Program(s)
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Bullet Train Bistro

Throughout Japan, there are many delicious foods and drinks full of originality.The shinkansen seat table becomes a personal izakaya (Japanese-style pub) with infinite possibilities!
COVID-19 has made many menu items from famous restaurants available for takeout.Now comes a totally new kind of gour...

  • Comedy
  • Drama (Series)
  • Human
  • Scripted Format

Pops Loves Kawaii Stuff

Mitsutaka Oji is an attractive hard-working manager, admired by both his superiors and subordinates. Well-mannered, gentlemanly, and stylish to boot, he’s popular among women. However, this man has a secret... He absolutely loves cute things! Mitsutaka can’t resist cuteness, and he’s head over heels...

  • Romance
  • Scripted Format

Texting in Tokyo

Those who master the art of texting shall master love...
A “Ready-to-use Romcom” comes to life, here and now for everyone who’s struggling with love!

Letters have always been a method for humans to express their emotions towards one another. Today, writing letters have been replaced by texting ...

  • Romance

Ossan's Love

Haruta, a 33 year-old guy who loves girls but is love-challenged himself, finds himself at the center of a bizarre love triangle. His “middle-aged boss” who hides an overly pure girl’s heart and Haruta’s young roommate “a good-looking and extremely aggressive guy” both declare their love for him.