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Cast Name: Hiroki Miyake (三宅弘城)
2 Program(s)
  • Comedy
  • Family

Story of My Family!!!

Now sidelined due to injury and age, former pro-wrestling star Juichi Miyama was once groomed by his father, Jusaburo, an acclaimed Noh actor and “Living National Treasure,” to be his successor. But the young Juichi rebelled, left home, and cut off ties with his family. Now he’s just learned that hi...

  • Entertainment
  • Mystery

May I blackmail you?

“Blackmailer”— the shady hero who saves people using evil tactics vs The ultimate goody two-shoes “princess girlfriend”

"May I blackmail you?"
It all started with a suspicious video that was suddenly sent to her house.
In it, a masked man who calls himself "Blackmailer" facetiously claims tha...