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Cast Name: Hitomi Kuroki (黒木 瞳)
3 Program(s)
  • Horror
  • Thriller

Terror Newspaper

Read it...and you die

“Rule-based horror” movies are in the midst of an international revival. “See it and you die” in Bird Box. “Make a sound and you die” in Quiet Place. Hideo Nakata, director of Japan’s preeminent “rule-based horror” movie The Ring, a movie that terrified audiences worldwide,...

  • Human
  • Mystery


Miyuki Miyabe is a popular best-selling author in a number of genres that include mystery, science fiction, and historical fiction.
A picture drawn by a small boy begins to unravel the mystery behind a single hidden truth.
Amidst anguish and conflict a family searches for its own paradise in this...


Overprotected Kahoko

Is too much love really love?

College student Kahoko is the quintessential overprotected child borne out of today's Japanese society. Shielded by her parents, Kahoko grew up completely pampered and became somewhat of a miraculously naïve "test tube human." She is 21 years old and about to start w...