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Cast Name: Issey Takahashi (高橋一生)
3 Program(s)
  • Human
  • Suspense

Path of the Dragons

“We’ve always had each other, haven’t we brother? Together we crawled from the gutter, and we both know where our path now leads…”
Two brothers, a Yakuza mobster, and a high ranking civil servant - their lives may be different but they share their thirst for revenge. In this suspenseful thriller w...

  • Comedy
  • Romance

Tokyo Bachelors

Recent statistics show one out of four men never gets married before the age of fifty. Our three bachelors are devoted to their work, have great hobbies, are skilled in housekeeping and have good friends. In short, they lead a meaningful life and stay single by choice ---until a twist of fate make t...


Woman -My Life for My Children-

A heart-gripping story of a mother’s unconditional love for her children and her economic plight in a harsh reality. The story serves as an anthem for all people who have ever had or have ever been a child.

Koharu is widowed by her beloved husband, Shin, in an accident one day. Left with her two ...