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Cast Name: Itsuji Itao (板尾創路)
4 Program(s)
  • Detective
  • Family
  • Human

Close Tail -Detective Academy-

Tailing, bugging, stakeouts...this riveting human drama realistically portrays the work of private detectives, charting the growth of a group of trainee detectives.

University student Tasuku graduates from university without a career path planned.
Returning home, he finds his father Jinpei has a...

  • Detective

Cops'n Robbers

Cops get schooled by robbers?!

The crime closest to our everyday life might just be theft. In the Metropolitan Police Department, it is handled by the Investigations 3rd Unit.

Creating a brand new concept within detective dramas, "Cops & Robbers" features novice police detective Tsutomu Mada...

  • Human

The Unbrokwn

WOWOW brings acclaimed author Toyoko Yamasaki's 1999 literary tour de force to life on the small screen for the very first time. Audiences have already received television adaptations of Yamasaki's other works – The Ivory Tower (白い巨塔), The Grand Family (華麗なる一族), The Waste Land (不毛地帯), A Son of the ...

  • Human
  • Scripted Format

My Great Boss

Kinoshita, the boss at an ad agency, is a guy that lives in the moment and for today. He’s always late for work and then leaves early. He’s completely unpredictable.

Kinoshita and his bunch of useless employees ‘work’ at the Marumaru Tsushinsha advertising agency. Everything is done at a leisurel...