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Cast Name: Koki Yamashita (山下幸輝)
2 Program(s)
  • Drama (Series)
  • Horror
  • Idol
  • Romance

My Fave is Mine

A popular comic book that has been the talk of the town on SNS
Unexpected live-action adaptation!
A shocking love story depicting the runaway love for a Fave.

College student Hinaki has a secret she can’t tell anyone.
She is madly in love with Subaru, a member of the famous streaming group “Co...

  • For Women
  • Idol
  • Music
  • Romance

I Will Be Your Bloom

Asuka had once realized her goal to become a teacher, but after a gutting failure, she gives up her dream profession and becomes extremely withdrawn. After a series of events, she finds herself becoming a live-in housemother for a dorm... where the boy band septet 8LOOM live together!
At the dorm, ...