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Cast Name: Kosei Yuki (結木滉星)
2 Program(s)
  • Mystery
  • Suspense

The Dangerous Venus

Based on a masterpiece Keigo Higashino mystery novel, Hakuro Teshima is a bachelor veterinarian with a strong sense of justice and incapable of telling a lie. One day a mysterious woman, Kaede Yagami, appears at his door, claiming to be his younger brother’s wife and informing him of her husband’s s...

  • Comedy
  • Drama (Series)
  • Fashion
  • For Women
  • Romance


Aki Terada (24) is a freelance writer who is frustrated by her efforts to find work. When her boyfriend jilts her, she goes to live at a friend’s share house. There, she reunites with her former classmate and first boyfriend, Tomoya Hongyo, to whom she lost her virginity. He tells her he hasn’t been...