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Cast Name: Marika Matsumoto (松本まりか)
4 Program(s)
  • Comedy
  • Human

The Great Haruko Season2

The thrilling second season following the adventures of a mature beauty, fixing other people’s problems and crushing injustice wherever she goes.

Independent and attractive, Haruko Nakajima is 60 years old with two divorces under her belt. A well-respected, top-class cosmetic surgeon, she despise...

  • Comedy
  • Human

The Great Haruko

A powerful and beautiful 60-year-old woman fixes problems and crushes injustice in this thrilling and entertaining show.

Izumi Kikuchi is 38, single, works in a small publisher, and has great anxiety about her ten-year long affair with a married man. One day she meets Haruko Nakajima, the manager...

  • School
  • Suspense

Equation to Erase the Teacher

Story setting is at prestigious high school that most students enter Tokyo University. Hikaru Kitano is a new teacher assigned at a class with scientific students with high IQ. Those smart students in the class enjoy to drive their teachers into the corner, destroying teachers` mental state, like a ...

  • Horror
  • Idol
  • School
  • Thriller


Welcome, Haunted house!Who will be our first prey?
7 boys visited a B&B for summer training for a dance club in the high school.
They spent a terrifying night, which no one ever anticipated.
Unexpected! This drama is shot by a smart phone which has the feeling of being there with the audience ex...