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Cast Name: Mario Kuroba (黒羽麻璃央)
5 Program(s)
  • For Women
  • Romance

Hold my hand at Twilight

Soramame leaves the countryside for Tokyo in pursuit of a childhood friend and fiancé, but instead meets a scrappy young musician, Oto. By some odd circumstance, the two end up living under the same roof. Influenced by Oto, Soramame awakens to the world of fashion while Soramame becomes Oto’s muse, ...

  • Romance
  • Scripted Format

Texting in Tokyo

Those who master the art of texting shall master love...
A “Ready-to-use Romcom” comes to life, here and now for everyone who’s struggling with love!

Letters have always been a method for humans to express their emotions towards one another. Today, writing letters have been replaced by texting ...

  • Drama (Series)
  • Fashion
  • For Women
  • Romance

Coffee & Vanilla

Risa Shiragi (Haruka Fukuhara) is a college student who is popular with the boys. People around her treat her like she’s out of their league but in reality she has zero experience in love.
“If I’m going to fall in love, I want it to be a love so sweet it'll melt my heart." Risa dreamt of that day. ...


Way Too Kawaii!

“How did I end up in a fashion magazine?!”

Nankichi is working for a mega publishing company and was the star of the literary editing department, when all of a sudden he was transferred to a fashion magazine!!

20 denier colored tights, frilled skirts, rainbow spaghetti, bubble tea that people ...

  • Comedy


“I want to swim faster!” That’s the only thought in the minds of these high school jocks.
Shuhei, Daiki and Reo are obsessed with only one thing--swimming.
They pour their heart and soul into passing the entrance exam for Ryuho High School, a private academy renowned for its top-notch swim team. I...