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Cast Name: Masato Hagiwara (萩原聖人)
5 Program(s)
  • Drama (Series)
  • Horror
  • Human
  • Mystery
  • Suspense

Master's Daughter

Kazuma Yuda is distressed. He was unable to save his twin sister, Ichika Yuda (18), from being bullied. Then one day, a new student, Sara Kiritani, comes to his school. Mysterious and beautiful, Sara attracts the attention of the whole school, but for some reason, she comes close to Kazuma. She whis...

  • Human
  • Medical/Health


Shoen Matsumoto is both a trained paramedic and Buddhist monk attached to a hospital. While providing emergency care straight from the mortuary while still in monk clothes unnerves some patients, Shoen nevertheless proves fully devoted to saving lives, and if that’s not possible, performing rites of...

  • Human

Village Vanguard Strikes Back (Tentative)

There are unique bookstores, called “VILLAGE VANGUARD”, it’s unlike any other in the world.

Keizo is a college student, who calls himself “empty” has been spending an exciting (stimulating) days with a mixture of junk and eccentric people at the bookstore “VILLAGE VANGUARD” where he works as a pa...

  • Romance
  • Suspense

Never Be Yours

A rich and intriguing love suspense drama of a fierce battle between a wife and a lover based on an award winning novel “Kakuregikuku” by Mikihiko Renjyo.

Kayoko is a homey housewife keeping a happy family for 20 years married to Junpei, a son of a prestigious Japanese Restaurant working as its h...

  • Human
  • Mystery
  • Suspense


Two years old boy is suddenly involved in the accident. The father of that boy, Satoshi, who is a journalist chases by the story and seeks the truth of the death of his child.

The truth he found out from his persistent news gathering, it was a combination of many sequence of crimes, such things ...