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Cast Name: Miki Maya(真矢ミキ)
3 Program(s)
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  • Human

The Shelter 2020

The new season of “The Shelter”, a show depicting mentally hurt children and the adults who are trying to support them.

There is prejudice and rejection against children who experienced abuse, neglect, abandonment, and drug addiction. As society becomes more complex, the number of children with n...



Welcome to a restaurant exclusively for assassins: the Diner. Its owner is a highly proficient killer, and so are its customers...

Kanako Oba is all alone, and thinks her life can't get any worse...until she applies for a dubious part-time job on a whim, and is instantly torn from her mundane e...

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  • Family
  • Human

Downtown Rocket

Following its smash hit debut in 2015, Downtown Rocket returns for a second season in 2018 furthering the struggles and challenges of Kohei Tsukuda, a former rocket scientist and leader of the Tsukuda Manufacturig Co., a cozy factory in the old part of Tokyo. Having lost his father, Kohei had taken ...