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Cast Name: Minami Tanaka (田中みな実)
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A heartful “island” comedy set in the Goto Islands comes out!
“Barakamon” means “energetic person” in the dialect of Goto Islands, Nagasaki Prefecture.

This heartful “island” comedy series is set in the Goto Islands, which is said to have the most beautiful sea in Japan. A solitary young calligr...

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Even If You Don't Do It

Michi Yoshino works in the sales department of a construction company and leads an ordinary life. She and her husband, Yoichi Yoshino, have been married for five years and still get along well, but there is only one thing lacking: sex.

They sleep in the same bed every night, but he never tries to...

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M -beloved one-

A story of how a top diva in Japan, Ayumi Hamasaki, was born, her meeting and partings. This is the first dramatization of the much-talked-about original book with adaptations specific to the drama.

In Japan, in the 1990s, Ayumi Hamasaki was called Ayu and had become a superstar known throughout ...