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Cast Name: Mitsuki Takahata (高畑充希)
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  • Romance

Tall Order

No ambition! Hates conflict! Avoids standing out and doing hard work.

Hinako is the executive assistant to the CEO of Relation Gate, a startup company growing at breakneck speed.

Apt to listen to his gut feelings, her boss bombards her day in and day out with tall orders he concocts on a whi...



Naho serves as the deputy curator of a museum she took over from her grandfather, a passionate art collector. She also inherited his firm aesthetic sense and is married toa man who is the third curator of a gallery in Ginza, Tokyo.
While Naho, who is pregnant, is staying in Kyoto on a long-term bas...

  • Family
  • Human
  • Medical/Health
  • Nature

NIZI Village Clinic

Doctors are also human. That's why they can face life and death.

Full of dream and pride, Masora was working in the emergency department of a large hospital in Tokyo, when one day she is diagnosed with a complicated disease. Even though she is a doctor, she has no savings and wants to continue wo...


Our Dearest Sakura

It's the spring of 2009, and Hanamura Construction, the largest general construction firm in Japan, is holding its annual welcome ceremony for its new grads. Sakura stands out from the rest of the talented bunch for clearly being a country bumpkin. Hailing from a small remote island up north, she ca...

  • Human

Almost a Miracle

A new type of main character, who is both extremely ordinary and universally lovable.

Machida is unlike any protagonist you've seen before. He's dull, he wears glasses, and he has no distinguishing features.
His only talent is his ability to love everyone, unconditionally. However, as he gets to...

  • Comedy
  • Detective
  • Mystery

Maison de Police

Hiyori Makino is a rookie detective whose dream comes true when she is assigned to the Criminal Investigation Division. One day, the precinct police see an anonymously-posted clip on the Internet that shows a person being burned to death. The police treat it as a possible copycat crime of a burning ...

  • Comedy
  • Tearjerker

A Banana? At This Time of Night?

Yasuaki Shikano, 34. Suffering from muscular dystrophy, wheelchair user. Self-centered, talkative, overly free-spirited! But everybody loves this man who lives life to the fullest— A true story of laughter and tears.

Shikano lives in Sapporo, suffers from muscular dystrophy, wheelchair user.


Ancien and the Magic Tablet

Why am I snoozing all the time?

I keep having this dream...

Kokone Morikawa lives with her father in Okayama Prefecture. She's a typical high school senior with no special talents except one: she can fall asleep anytime, anywhere. Recently she's been having a series of strange dreams. Her fath...

  • Fantasy

DESTINY: The Tale of Kamakura

What does “destiny” really mean?

When young Akiko marries mystery author Masakazu Isshiki and moves in with him in Kamakura, her way of life becomes a constant source of amazement.
A simple stroll through the streets brings her into contact with supernatural creatures such as spirits, goblins,...


Overprotected Kahoko

Is too much love really love?

College student Kahoko is the quintessential overprotected child borne out of today's Japanese society. Shielded by her parents, Kahoko grew up completely pampered and became somewhat of a miraculously naïve "test tube human." She is 21 years old and about to start w...