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Cast Name: Mitsuru Fukikoshi (吹越満)
3 Program(s)
  • Romance
  • Suspense

Juliet In The Rain

Woman with a dark past struggling to find a bright future.
Man with success falling down to the darkness. 
Love suspense story with affection, incrimination, and insanity.

Heroine Hikari's brother had been arrested for murder that made her give up any happiness. Making a living as a cocktail...

  • Comedy
  • Human

The Last Train Bound for Nagoya 2018

A Train is the microcosm of society or we could say that it’s the earth itself. Passengers in the train have their own story. However, they sometimes their paths happen to cross each other by chance or suddenly by missing a train that leads to an unexpected incident or encounter with a life-altering...

  • Comedy
  • Human

The Last Train bound for Nagoya 2017

'Trains are the microcosmos of society, and even the world. People in various situations find themselves sharing moments in their lives in the last car of the same train, though their lives parallel much like the rails on which they ride. Perhaps their drama is as much yours…