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Cast Name: Mizuki Yamamoto (山本美月)
4 Program(s)
  • Comedy
  • Family


Shunpei is a single father struggling to care for his five-year-old son. One day, he runs into childhood buddy Sosuke, who decides to help his old friend out. Sosuke’s plan involves renting out the apartment above his rundown okonomiyaki restaurant as a share house and using the money to rebuild. Wh...

  • Romance

The Last Three Times We'll Meet

“All of a sudden it would appear - the number 3 In the middle of their back. Whether they were lovers, friends, family or even strangers, I knew what it meant when I saw it - It meant I would only meet that person three more times in my life.”
In an era where life is often rushed, this pair of dram...

  • Comedy
  • Drama (Series)
  • Mystery
  • Romance

The Lunchtime Detective

A delicious lunchtime combo filled with“things that women love”: Group dating, gourmet food, and mysteries! A mystery drama that brings together, these three female favorites! Women in today’s world are extremely busy! They want to meet guys efficiently and seize opportunities that will change their...

  • Action
  • Comedy
  • Entertainment


Your slightly offbeat neighbor might actually be an assassin on vacation.

As his nickname implies, the Fable is an enigmatic assassin who terrorizes the underworld.
The overworked assassin gets an order from his boss.
"Live the life of a normal man for one year. Kill anyone during your vacation...