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Cast Name: Naho Toda (戸田菜穂)
2 Program(s)
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  • Human
  • Tearjerker

King's Long Holiday

Can a once-famous actor make a successful comeback?!

Daigoro Atsumori was a great actor, formerly known as “the king of two-hour suspense”. However, as time passes, TV stations no longer make two-hour dramas, and now he hasn’t had a role for more than one year.

One day there comes a woman in ...

  • Entertainment

Atom's Last Shot

Nayuta is a young genius video game developer who works independently. His anonymity had gained him the moniker “the Banksy of video games,” until a certain incident caused him to shy away from games and live quietly. Meanwhile, the long-standing toy company Atom decides to delve into the video game...