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Cast Name: Nao Matsushita (松下奈緒)
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Get Ready!

Hazama is a brilliant surgeon who runs a patisserie by day, creating cakes with the same ingenuity and dexterity he applies to surgery. But in his other life, he leads a secretive and powerful medical team willing to apply daring and unrivaled skills to any surgical challenge for an exorbitant fee. ...

  • Suspense

Red Eyes

There are 5 million surveillance cameras scattered throughout Japan.

In order to investigate crimes using a state-of-the-art surveillance system, the Kanagawa Prefectural Police Department formed a new Special Force named KSBC (Kanagawa Prefectural Police Department Investigation Analysis Cente...

  • Human
  • Medical/Health

Alive: Dr. Kokoro, The Medical Oncologist

Two female doctors, a physician and a surgeon, have formed the strongest tag team. Taking place in the medical oncology department, this is a “medical drama with a human twist” that tells of the battles and hardships faced by cancer specialists.
Kokoro Onda is a doctor from the medical oncology dep...

  • School

Where Have My Skirts Gone?

The new Japanese language teacher is gay, middle-aged and is a crossdresser! Outspoken, always on the go and overflowing with love, he overcomes all sorts of struggles in this exciting school-life drama.

Mr. Nobuo Harada is a 52-year-old gay crossdresser who teaches high school.

Gorinkan Acade...

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CODE JAPAN:The Price of Wishes

CODE—a smartphone app that satisfies any desire. But there is a catch: if CODE fulfilled your wish, you must reciprocate by granting a request that CODE sends you. What you receive is a wish of another CODE user. So, in short, CODE is a wish-matching app. If, for instance, you typed in “I want 10,00...