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Cast Name: Naoki Tanaka (田中直樹)
3 Program(s)
  • Comedy


A mundane woman about to redo her banal life.

Asami Kondo, age 33, is single, lives with her parents, and works at the local city hall. Suddenly, she has to start her life all over again. She finds herself lying on an Ob-Gyn bed. Next to her are her parents, both young. Asami’s second go at life ...

  • Human
  • Tearjerker

Tear-jerker Bus Trip

「涙活(るいかつ):Ruikatsu」= Activity that release one’s stress by Crying.
We invite famous comedian who are easily moved to tears and
introduce 3 real touching stories in the bus.


  • Human
  • Scripted Format

My Great Boss

Kinoshita, the boss at an ad agency, is a guy that lives in the moment and for today. He’s always late for work and then leaves early. He’s completely unpredictable.

Kinoshita and his bunch of useless employees ‘work’ at the Marumaru Tsushinsha advertising agency. Everything is done at a leisurel...