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Cast Name: Ouji Suzuka (鈴鹿央士)
6 Program(s)
  • Human
  • Romance


A touching human drama about two individuals overcoming their personal barriers, weaving their own love story, and pulling others into their yarn.

Minato Togawa has had a crush on Tsumugi Aoba since they were at high school together. The two reunite at their high school reunion and begin dating ...

  • Detective
  • Family
  • Human

Close Tail -Detective Academy-

Tailing, bugging, stakeouts...this riveting human drama realistically portrays the work of private detectives, charting the growth of a group of trainee detectives.

University student Tasuku graduates from university without a career path planned.
Returning home, he finds his father Jinpei has a...

  • Art
  • Family
  • On-off drama
  • Romance
  • School

Skelton Flowers かそけきサンカヨウ

High school student, Yo (Sara Shida), lived with her father, Nao (Arata Iura), after her mother, Sachiyo (Hikari Ishida), left the family when she was very young.
However, their life together came to an end and they started a new life as a family of four with her father's second marriage partner, M...

  • School

Dragon Sakura S2

Our favorite gung-ho teacher is back! A few years ago, a group of struggling students at a low-ranked high school made it into Japan’s top college, Tokyo University – thanks to Kenji Sakuragi, a down-on-his-luck lawyer-turned-teacher. But soon afterward, he left the school and disappeared. Now anoth...

  • Action
  • Detective
  • Entertainment


The No. 4 Mobile Investigation Unit was quickly pieced together as part of reform efforts to overhaul the police organization. There, a wild maverick of a cop, Ibuki, gets paired with a serenely composed partner, Shima. Their role is to be on call 24 hours to fill in gaps in police shifts by investi...

  • Romance

Ossan’s Love -in the sky-

One day, the flight captain confessed his love for me. . . This is the eagerly awaited second season of a drama that created a huge buzz across Japan in 2018!

Soichi Haruta, a single guy who is honest and softhearted but clumsy, got fired out of the blue at the age of 35. When he was at a loss, a...