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Cast Name: Rena Matsui(松井 玲奈)
2 Program(s)
  • Mystery
  • Scripted Format
  • Suspense

Black Scandal

In the glitz and glamour of the celebrity world, no one expects the dirty business that occurs behind the scenes.

Arisa Yagami, formerly “Sara Fujisaki” was a rising star, known to be the next top actress and wife of her agency’s next CEO. Sara was living the celebrity dream, until she became a v...

  • Comedy
  • School

Ultimate Otaku Teacher

To teach or not to teach? Such is the dilemma facing 22-year old otaku nerd and physics wunderkind Junichiro Kagami, in The Ultimate Otaku Teacher [Denpa Kyoushi ], an anime based on the bestselling weekly manga of the same name.

Burned out after being published in esteemed science journal “Natur...