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Cast Name: Riku Hagiwara (萩原利久)
5 Program(s)
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  • School

New Nobunaga Chronicle: High School is a Battlefield

A history buff mad scientist cloned warlords of Japanese civil war period out of his curiosity and released them to the world.

And 15 years later... The cloned warlords grew up as highschoolers gathered in Ginnan High School. To be the ruler of the school, they were expected to be fighting each o...

  • Drama (Series)
  • For Women
  • Romance

My Beautiful Man

Reticent and friendless, high-schooler Hira is at the bottom of his class.
The new semester of his second year in high school begins and Hira meets Kiyoi, a classmate. Ranked at the top of his class and a loner who treats everyone with cold disdain, Kiyoi is to Hira...truly, the king.
Hira isn't a...

  • Comedy
  • Drama (Series)
  • Human
  • Romance

60 Minutes Until the First Love Affair

An omnibus love comedy depicting different couples
in the 60 minutes before they first have sex;
sometimes humorously and at times, sentimentally.
An eager boyfriend and the girl who refuses him for a reason,
an unusual Sci Fi type, and a complex love triangle;
jokes and innocence crossed with ...

  • School

Bittersand~my high school memory~

High school life is a glorious page of youth and a lifelong memory for us. However, not all of us have only beautiful memories. Akito (Yuki Inoue) and Eriko (Ayane Kinoshita) were the targets of slander and slander by someone who drew a chart of personal relationship based on untrue facts in their c...

  • Mystery

12 Suicidal Teens

12 teenagers show up at an abandoned hospital. As prescribed, they enter the building, open safe containing, take one of numbered tags from 1 to 12, and head to a "designated place". None of them have ever met before, but all of them in despair with their lives and come up with one common goal: to e...