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Cast Name: Ryo Iwamatsu (岩松了)
3 Program(s)
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Time Limit Investigator 2019

- “Ex” criminal whose crime has reached the statute of limitation vs. Kiriyama, who regards investigation as his hobby- The legendary comedy-mystery “Time Limit Investigator” returns for the first time in twelve years!

“You are the one who’s done that, aren’t you? The statute of limitations on ...

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Love and Hong Kong

Director Kenta Yamada (Ryo Yoshizawa) and his assistant director Aya Hirakawa (Fumika Baba) are in Hong Kong filming a documentary featuring the Japanese celebrity Elly (Moga Mogami) and her jaunts in the city. However, during filming, Elly is kidnapped by Daniel (Kaoru Nagata), a man who lives in H...


Memoirs of a Murderer

A serial murder cold case
Then a man speaks out...

"It's a pleasure to meet you. I'm the murderer."

5 lives were gruesomely taken in a shocking serial murder case in 1995.
The statute of limitations expired without the killer being apprehended.
22 years later he resurfaces sensationally at ...