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Cast Name: Ryosei Tayama (田山 涼成)
4 Program(s)
  • Comedy
  • Human

The Great Haruko

A powerful and beautiful 60-year-old woman fixes problems and crushes injustice in this thrilling and entertaining show.

Izumi Kikuchi is 38, single, works in a small publisher, and has great anxiety about her ten-year long affair with a married man. One day she meets Haruko Nakajima, the manager...

  • Human
  • Mystery
  • Suspense


Two years old boy is suddenly involved in the accident. The father of that boy, Satoshi, who is a journalist chases by the story and seeks the truth of the death of his child.

The truth he found out from his persistent news gathering, it was a combination of many sequence of crimes, such things ...

  • Comedy
  • Human

The Last Train bound for Nagoya 2015

This omnibus stories contains of the Lough, tear, humanness and comedy. We can describe a train as small society or the earth itself. Getting on a same train means sharing one moment of life. Each life never merges like train tracks. In “The last train”, life starts to merge by chance… This omnibus ...

  • Horror

Damned File

Horror series based on real-life supernatural hot spots and scary stories of Nagoya and the Tokai region.

已名古屋為中心有關東海地區的心靈場所,以及以恐怖的故事,爲主的恐怖系列特別篇。是接受坎城国國際電影界・導演双周特邀的作品。 故事講述以怪異現象而全国知燒的愛知縣足助町之“伊勢神隧道”,有關在此出現幽靈的恐怖,及失去幼儿家族的苦悩。