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Cast Name: Ryuta Sato (佐藤隆太)
3 Program(s)
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Udo-chan’s Trip SP 2020

The regular popular program “Udo-chan’s Trip” has been aired for 17 years. And the special series has been aired for 10 years.
Udo-chan travels to Mikawa Bay in Aichi prefecture. During his trip, he is with a talented actor, Ryuta Sato and an idol, Ami Inamura known as “God swing pitch” during the ...

  • Romance

My Loser Husband

My hubby… so sweet but so pathetic.

Good looks, good education, good income! No doubt the ideal husband! Or at least that's how it was supposed to be, until the day she discovers a secret about her husband. He turns out to be the weakest link at work and drags everyone down.

He's torn apart. H...

  • Comedy
  • Scripted Format

Random Hero

Kenta Kusumi (31) is jobless, single, and in debt. His best friend Shuji, a police officer, often tells him, “Get your act together, you’re 30!” but Kenta lacks any drive or will. One day he is asked by his sister to take care of her son, Daichi. Kenta hates children and is reluctant, but trouble oc...