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Cast Name: Shunsuke Kazama (風間俊介)
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Naho serves as the deputy curator of a museum she took over from her grandfather, a passionate art collector. She also inherited his firm aesthetic sense and is married toa man who is the third curator of a gallery in Ginza, Tokyo.
While Naho, who is pregnant, is staying in Kyoto on a long-term bas...

  • Family
  • Medical/Health

Asagao - Forensic Doctor (Season 2)

A forensic scientist daughter and detective father! 2020's most touching drama, showing the uniquely close relationship between the father and the daughter as they reveal the victim's life by following the forensic evidence.

Just like in season one, Asagao works as a forensic scientist, and her f...

  • Comedy
  • Romance


“If I don't get married in half a year, I’ll get fired?!”

Sayaka Kuroki, 29 years of age, works for a publishing company. On the joyous night of her resignation day, just three months before her marriage, she finds out that her fiancé had been cheating on her. To add insult to injury, he lashes o...

  • Human
  • Reality


Dramatization based on the novel “RIKUOH” by Jun Ikeido. Koichi Miyazawa is the CEO of the longstanding company which manufacture tabi(traditional Japanese socks). Due to a decrease of demand for tabi thesedays, the Company, Kohazeya, has fallen upon hard times. For the company's survival, Miyazawa ...