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Cast Name: Tae Kimura(木村多江)
2 Program(s)
  • Family
  • Romance

You’ve Got Someone to Come Home To

A realistic portrayal of the daily struggles, pent-up frustrations and miscommunication of marital life that people everywhere can relate to, centered around the marriage of two couples. Mayumi Sato and her husband Hideaki are into their 13th year of marriage and have a teenage daughter. With childr...

  • Mystery
  • Scripted Format
  • Suspense

Black Revenge

A promising politician, has been scooped by a tabloid magazine “Weekly Ryusei”, and committed suicide. Hearing this shocking incident, his wife was lost in a deep sadness and suffers a miscarriage.
However, the scandal was a fabricated story. Knowing this, politician’s wife swears revenge to people...