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Cast Name: Takashi Tsukamoto (塚本高史)
3 Program(s)
  • Detective

Seven Detectives

One of the seven detectives dispatched to MPD Div-12 is the infamous Yu Amagi. He is very frank to the point of possible rudeness, has little teamwork spirit but means well, seems very quiet but can be extremely talkative, and is in all a mysterious figure. No one can tell what is in his mind, but h...

  • Comedy
  • Entertainment

Prison Princesses

Attempted murder, fraud and embezzlement, illicit drugs, tax evasion and even murder? Five women convinced of various crimes and a crime-loathing female warden put aside their differences to hatch a grand plot of revenge against a handsome but crooked company CEO. But the revenge plan keeps hitting ...

  • Comedy
  • Scripted Format

Random Hero

Kenta Kusumi (31) is jobless, single, and in debt. His best friend Shuji, a police officer, often tells him, “Get your act together, you’re 30!” but Kenta lacks any drive or will. One day he is asked by his sister to take care of her son, Daichi. Kenta hates children and is reluctant, but trouble oc...