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Cast Name: Tomoka KUROKAWA (黒川智花)
2 Program(s)
  • Family
  • Human
  • Romance

Comes Morning

“Give me back my son.”

Satoko Kurihara was satisfied with daily life with her husband and son. In fact, the son wasn’t their own child, but it wasn’t matter for them. After they had tried some treatment for sterility for a long term, they once gave up to have a child. However, they came to know a...

  • Romance

Cinderella Date

This is a “love, hate, and escape” love story set in Japan and Indonesia.
Makoto Nishimura is married to Kengo, who works at an architect’s office, but one day, when leaving on a trip for Jakarta, Indonesia, she bumps into a newspaper reporter, Ryota Yuki, and gets into an argument. However, Makoto...