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Cast Name: Yo Oizumi (大泉洋)
6 Program(s)
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The Last Man: The Blind Profiler

Hiromi Minami is a US FBI agent on temporary loan to Japan. He’s blind but dubbed “the last man" for his ability to crack tough cases with keen analysis and honed senses. Shintaro Godo is a field cop with a top arrest record who shuns his pedigree as police commissioner’s son. The two make for a hig...

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My Ex-Boyfriend's Last Will

The protagonist of this series is Reiko Kenmochi, who works at a major law firm in Japan. As a lady with an immaculate physical appearance, she’s also a talented lawyer who wears fancy suits and clicks her heels as she winds her way through the city.
Reiko has saved her clients from many difficult ...

  • Samurai

The 13 Lords of the Shogun

12th century, Japan. Charismatic leader Minamoto no Yoritomo founds the Kamakura Shogunate, shifting the political powerbase from Kyoto to the east. Behind this military feat are thirteen vassals. But after the superstar shogun's death, a fierce power struggle erupts. The one out of the Thirteen who...

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No Side Manager

Adapted from a novel by Jun Ikeido, the story follows the travails of a company man once touted as an elite executive candidate who falters when he voices opposition to his superiors over an acquisition, and is exiled to general affairs manager at a branch factory. Adding insult to injury, he is als...

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Yo Oizumi who has a versatile talent became so popular not only in Hokkaido but also throughout Japan. And he formed “YOYO’s” with a STV’s versatile sales announcer Yoji Kimura.(YO plus YOji equals YOYO’S)
Two guys have all viewers throughout Japan laughing.The title of this funny variety show is “...

  • Comedy
  • Tearjerker

A Banana? At This Time of Night?

Yasuaki Shikano, 34. Suffering from muscular dystrophy, wheelchair user. Self-centered, talkative, overly free-spirited! But everybody loves this man who lives life to the fullest— A true story of laughter and tears.

Shikano lives in Sapporo, suffers from muscular dystrophy, wheelchair user.