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Cast Name: Yua Shinkawa(新川優愛)
6 Program(s)
  • Family
  • Human
  • Romance

Love You Just as You Are

One day, your husband transforms into a woman...?
This drama explores the many differences of life, love and relationships can change in a world where peoples bodies can spontaneously alter sex!

Akira is a 30-year-old salaryman married to novelist Sonoko. After five years of marriage things betw...


14 years after graduating from junior high school, a class reunion is held.
However, this is the beginning of a tragedy.
6 ex-classmates who attended the reunion die one by one.
Each of them has shocking darkness, and they are all a big liar to hide their dark side.
And their true nature will be...

  • Family
  • Human

The Shelter 2020

The new season of “The Shelter”, a show depicting mentally hurt children and the adults who are trying to support them.

There is prejudice and rejection against children who experienced abuse, neglect, abandonment, and drug addiction. As society becomes more complex, the number of children with n...

  • Romance


Sayaka is a beautiful editor who lives happily with her handsome husband. The picture-perfect life she thought she had shattered to pieces after her beloved husband’s betrayal...

The only emotional support she has for her wounded heart is her high school sweetheart she bumps into. She's married, ...

  • Family
  • Human
  • Romance

Angels in White

A human drama set in a nursing school that focuses on the lifestyles of each of the four female students.

On the day of the nursing school entrance ceremony, as the other new students were solemnly listening to the speeches, Rumi was staring off into space. Rumi did not particularly want to be a...

  • Human
  • Idol


This is a racy success story that a woman who lost everything manages a male idol group and will become big in the entertainment industry!
A 26 year old girl, Haru is enjoying her luxury life as an Instagramer. One day, a president of a company who is an acquaintance of hers, asked her “Why don’t ...