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Cast Name: Yuki Yamada (山田裕貴)
6 Program(s)
  • Adventure
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  • Human

Pending Train

It begins as any other day with commuters and passengers catching the 8:23 train. That is, until one train car suddenly warps into a wormhole and lands in a devastated future world. Without smartphones or social media, the passengers must confront extraordinary and extreme conditions. Mere strangers...


Themis's Law School Classroom

The story takes place at a law school where students aspire to become judges, prosecutors, lawyers, and other legal professions. Shizuku Hiiragi, a judge, is sent to law school as a Practitioner-Teacher. She arrives at Seinan Law School and meets faculty member Jin Aoi and five students. However, sh...

  • Suspense

School Police

Ryuhei Shimada is an excellent but stubborn detective who has chosen to work at a public junior high school as Japan's first-ever school police officer. He soon discovers that the seemingly-normal institution is teeming with problems that he is determined to solve: cyberbullying, sexual harassment, ...

  • School
  • Suspense

Equation to Erase the Teacher

Story setting is at prestigious high school that most students enter Tokyo University. Hikaru Kitano is a new teacher assigned at a class with scientific students with high IQ. Those smart students in the class enjoy to drive their teachers into the corner, destroying teachers` mental state, like a ...

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  • Human


Japan in the not-too-distant future.
As generations change, among the people, discontent is at an all-time high and
society no longer functions well. The economy has declined and is heading toward collapse...
Postwar, Baby Boomers, Bubble, Lost Generation, Yutori, Millennials...
Each generation...

  • Comedy
  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Human
  • Romance


Ranked number one overall by many e-bookstores! The school psycho/love comedy, “Homeroom”
Yuki Yamada, who is currently starring in two productions, takes on the role of the perverted stalker teacher!
At the same time, Yuki Yamada stars in the drama, “Sedai Wars.”
Since serialization began on Kod...