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Director Name: Akiko Ooku (大九明子)
3 Program(s)
  • Comedy
  • Human
  • Travel

Welcome, Migrants!

This is a documentary drama for encouraging migrants to make a living in the country side.

One of the 2 characters is a woman who aspires to become an Architectural designer who's personality has a tendency to jump the gun and a man who wants to start a classic café business but he is wavering ab...

  • Comedy
  • Romance

Tremble All You Want

Finally, a real romance appears in her life full of secret, unrequited love. Wavering between two “boyfriends”,
she tackles her ruthless reality in this non-stop romantic comedy.
Romantic comedy film adaptation of the same-named novel by author Risa WATAYA tells the story of a heroine who is terr...

  • Fantasy
  • For Women
  • Romance

Love Story from A Hundred famous poem(Hyakunin Isshu)

I’ve just received a postcard from Ecuador. My best friend, Yusuke who loves traveling all over the world always sends me a post card from everywhere he visits.One day, Fuko received a wedding invitation instead of a postcard…
On the first day Reina is working for a rental video shop ...