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Director Name: Akira Tanaka (田中亮)
3 Program(s)
  • Human
  • Romance

Cinderellas of Midsummer

The destined encounters brought about by the summer suddenly comes by…
Girls who all grew up by the beach, the so called “seaside Cinderellas.” And guys who entered prestigious universities in Tokyo to meet their parent’ expectations and are leading exemplary lives in their respective paths…

  • Drama (Series)
  • Family
  • For Women
  • Human

Involvement in Family Affairs

Sato Shinohara is a woman who grew up in a downtown area where she and her mother run a local diner. Mentally strong with a cheerful personality, she is the poster girl of the diner and is dearly loved by the regular customers.
One day, Kenta Miyama, the guy she is dating, proposes to her and she a...


Ichikei’s Crow – The Criminal Court Judges

The protagonist of this story is Michio Iruma, an unorthodox criminal court judge who takes it upon himself to verify crime scenes, to uncover the truth of incidences, in order to ensure that there are absolutely no false accusations. With a beard and casual clothes, there’s this sense of a laid bac...