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Scenario Writer Name: Atsushi Asada (アサダアツシ)
4 Program(s)
  • Family
  • For Women
  • Human
  • On-off drama
  • Romance


Two boys met and fell in love with each other in their high school days.
It has been 13 years since they first met…
The two live in different places. Nagisa has left for Australia after breaking up with Shun. Nagisa got married with a woman and has a child, but they have difficulties to continu...

  • Human
  • Romance
  • Tearjerker

his ~I didn't think I would fall in love~

One day at the end of winter, two high school boys ran into each other.
Shun, a high school student who visited his father in Enoshima island and Nagisa, who love surfing hiding away in Enoshima island. Their friendship gradually changes in love. The two high school boys struggle to find their tru...

  • Horror
  • Idol
  • School
  • Thriller


Welcome, Haunted house!Who will be our first prey?
7 boys visited a B&B for summer training for a dance club in the high school.
They spent a terrifying night, which no one ever anticipated.
Unexpected! This drama is shot by a smart phone which has the feeling of being there with the audience ex...

  • Family
  • Human
  • Nature
  • Reality

GIFU Need YOU! -How to start your country life-

Two girls of thirtysomething, Miharu and Hana, were living in different urban cities spending dull days. Tired of such lives and hoping to rebuild their lives, they come up with the idea of moving to countryside and live together. They put it into practice but with no specific plans. The destination...