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Scenario Writer Name: Moral (モラル)
2 Program(s)
  • Drama (Series)
  • Entertainment
  • For Women

Sweat and Soap

Asako Yaeshima (26) works in the accounting department of Lilia Drop, a cosmetics and bath products maker. She has developed a complex due to hyperhidrosis and passes her days worried about her perspiration and body odor. One day, a coworker from the product development department, Kotaro Natori (29...


WATAOJI My Middle-aged Guardian Angel

A heartwarming drama of Hikari, a rookie assistant director at a TV station and her Guardian Angel, the Guardian Angel who is visible only to Hikari. Before she teams up with this old man, Hikari was a young woman at the lowest point of her life suffering from a broken heart and the loss of her job....